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Expert Computer Repair

For most repairs done in our shop, labor falls into the $70-$140 range. No appointment is needed; just bring it in at your convenience. For laptops, please bring the power cord also. For desktop PC's, bring only the tower.

Once we have had the chance to properly assess your machine or device, we will call and give you an accurate repair cost. If you choose not to have the item fixed, there is typically a fee of 1/2 hour labor for the time spent. Gaming machines are sometimes more.

Physical laptop damage, Jack Repair/Replacment, LCD Replacement

We offer on-site laptop repair; we do not send your equipment elsewhere like some places do. Broken screens, hinges, charging ports, soldering, keyboard replacements, motherboard repair/replacements,etc. are jobs we handle every day. No matter what kind of damage your machine has sustained, we can fix it.

Some laptop problems cannot be accurately diagnosed without taking the machine apart to some degree. Some laptops are easy to get apart, while others are far more complicated. In such cases, we will call you for approval BEFORE proceeding. As situations vary, there is no set price for an internal diagnosis, but that cost will be known when we call for approval.

Data Recovery, Data Backup, Flash Drive Repair

If your hard drive is not physically or electrically damaged, we can likely recover data you may think is lost. Successful recoveries vary from $29-$199, depending on quantity of data and difficulty of retrieval.

External hard drive enclosures sometimes go bad, with the hard drive inside still good. In such cases, we can usually remove the drive and install it into a new enclosure, so you can again access your files. However, some external systems, like Western Digital MyBooks, use hardware encryption. Consequently, when their enclosures fail, we cannot retrieve your data. The hard drive inside can be reused in a new enclosure, but as mentioned, all prior data would be lost. Gillware may be able to help in such situations.

We can also solder broken USB flash drives; our success rate is about 90%.

If your hard drive is clicking, not spinning, or not recognized by the computer, then it would have to go out to a data recovery center who specializes in failed drives. Gilware is a company we highly recommend to help you when you must have your data back. They can handle most any situation, and have very fair pricing.

We are proud to be a Gillware Data Recovery Affiliate Partner


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